Nowadays with our hectic lifes, lounging is a lost art. So, this season designers thought about comfort and relaxation for the daywear looks. The runways have become a sexy playground filled with luxe bedroom staples—ranging from ’90s throwback slip-dresses to classic menswear pyjamas.

If wearing pyjamas in public sounds like a bad dream, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. “We are much more casual. We want to be comfortable, but we also want the luxury of it all,” says Francisco Costa, women’s creative director at Calvin Klein Collection. “It’s dressing down but in a sophisticated way with gorgeous textiles and cuts.” Just what we like, right!?


The Slip Dress - a 1990s revival. Nightdress-style silk slips ran the spectrum from snow white to nude, via delicate pastels in the softest hues.

Pyjamas - If you’re more of a Katharine-Hepburn-wear-the-pants kind of woman, classic man-style PJs are your ticket to insta-street-style-star status.

Pyjamas all day is a new style aspiration, as designers twisted and modernized a classic into ready-to-wear. Cut from the finest silks, finished with piping or Japanese motifs, next summer's reinterpretation of the pyjama brings sleepwear out of the bedroom in what will be more than a fashion reverie.


Débora Rosa from Fashion Gone Rouge